Online Portfolio Template on Notion

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Show, don’t tell.

An online portfolio can supplement your resume with additional information that shows your work story in greater detail.

You don’t only have to be a designer to have a portfolio. A business person, researcher, writer, product manager, sales professional, marketing – anyone can tell their story through an online portfolio. 

What can be included in a portfolio?

Build on your points in the resume with narrative that showcases your top work and your work approach. 

This will help them get a better sense of how you are as a contributor or leader. 

Similar to how you would explain to someone in an interview. 

Some of the images you can use in the portfolio are:

  • App or website screenshots
  • Company or client logos (if you have permission)
  • Pictures of people you have worked with on a project

You can link the portfolio in your resume, for anyone who is interested.

I'm excited to see what you build. Tag me on Twitter @KavirKaycee with the link to your portfolio.

Why Notion?

Notion is the easiest way to add and edit information that is visible to an external audience It takes care of all the formatting and styling, and presents it in an aesthetic way to an audience.

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Online Portfolio Template on Notion

5 ratings
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