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ChatGPT Prompts for Product Managers

Kavir Kaycee
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Hey there, PM Enthusiast! 👋

Busy launching products, aren't you? Let’s cut to the chase: This isn't just another set of templates. It's a strategic advantage, curated for those who think in sprints and features, not just tasks and deadlines.

✨ Wisdom from Industry Elites Straight from the minds of PM experts who've been there, done that—with Sequoia, Google Capital, and Accel funded startups on their resumes. They’ve distilled years of experience into these templates, so you’re not just following best practices; you’re living them.

⌛ Reclaim Your Week Who has the time for template prep, right? Save yourself 50+ hours upfront, and 4-6 hours every week thereafter. Time you could be using to draft that next killer feature or finally read "The Lean Startup."

📚 Curated and Ever-Growing We're at 10 templates now and counting. We know how fast the PM world evolves, so we're committed to keeping pace. What’s in the box?

  • Feature Prioritization Matrix
  • User Story Template
  • Product Roadmap
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis ...and more to come!

🎯 Your Next Move You know that in product management, timing is everything. Don't miss this window to streamline your process and amplify your impact.

Click to invest in your ChatGPT PM Toolkit today. Looking forward to seeing you crush it in your PM role!

If you don’t find value in the ChatGPT prompts, email me at for a refund, no questions asked!

Will continue adding more, so stay tuned on Twitter and Substack

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If you don’t find value in the ChatGPT prompts, email me at for a refund, no questions asked!

Last updated Jul 2, 2023

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ChatGPT Prompts for Product Managers

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